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MBBS in Abroad- Decision Points

What all things one should keep in mind before to decides to study in abroad?


The first and foremost decision point before deciding if or where to study MBBS in abroad is cost or expensive. Nepal andBangladesh are more expensive than doing MBBS in the Philippines. However, the quality of education is more or less the same. If you want to study at low cost and want good quality education, then the best country for studying MBBS is the Philippines. The Philippines has seen a rise in prominence and has seen more and more students going there to study. The reason is simple- it is inexpensive and offers a high quality of education making it one of the premier destination for studying MBBS. Other options where the total cost is low includes Russia and Ukraine, both of which are European nations. Indian students have traditionally chosen these two countries but their preferences for studying MBBS from abroad are now changing. China is another good alternative for Indian students. The quality of education is good and a large number of Indian students choose to study in China though it is on the expensive side.

MCI Recognition/Affiliation

A very important factor to consider while deciding the country is whether the college you choose is recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI) or not. The reason is that you can appear for MCI screening test only if the MBBS degree you get is from a college recognized by the MCI.

Quality of Education

This point has already been slightly touched upon in the first point under cost. One of the major doubts that Indian aspirants have in their mind is whether the colleges actually provide good quality of education. The answer is YES! The colleges that we would tell you to take admission in will be recognized by MCI and World Health Organization (WHO). Not only this, they also have received affiliation for the many local and international bodies such as FAIMER.
The quality of education is better than private colleges in India and you can study in these colleges at a much cheaper cost, less than what you pay to Indian private colleges. Countries such as the Philippines offers high-quality education to the students. The student gets global exposure and gets the opportunity to practice in some of the most developed countries in the world such as the US and the UK. The quality of education is very high in the Philippines and China.
In most countries, the last 1 year is the clinical rotation or internship. Students work with live patients in the hospitals affiliated with the university. You will get ample practical exposure while studying from abroad. There is a big misconception that practical’s are not given enough importance in foreign countries.
In job interviews, you can discuss how your overseas experience made you more independent, responsible, organized, and innovative. Being immerge in an entirely new cultural setting is quite offended at first, but it is also exciting. It is an opportunity to discover new strengths and abilities, to conquer new challenges to solve new problems. You will encounter situations that are wholly unfamiliar to you and will let you learn to adapt it and respond in effective way.

Hostel & Food

A big factor to consider before deciding where to do your MBBS from is the availability of neat, clean and comfortable accommodation along with the availability of Indian food- both vegetarian & non-vegetarian. Let us take one factor at a time; students do not generally face the problem of finding accommodation as most colleges/universities have on-campus hostels. Where the hostel facility is not available, the universities generally have tie-ups with the surrounding area’s PGs and flats. The students can choose where he/she wishes to stay depending on the facilities he/she wants. Students usually stay in 2,3 or 4 sharing rooms so as to cut the costs. There is rarely any problem where the student is unable to find a proper accommodation. The charges of accommodation on an average is similar to that in India. It costs about ₹8-12 thousand per month on an average.
Indian food is available aplenty in Philippines, China,Ukraine, Russia and Kyrgyzstan The mess serves Indian food in most colleges in these countries. The students can make their own food and can order it from Indian restaurants present locally. There are PGs, which house Indian students only, you can guess that there will be no problem for Indian students to get the food they want.

Time Duration

While this might not seem like a factor to consider but it directly affects how much your total cost is. Here is a table showing the number of years it takes to complete the medical degree from different countries-

# Country Official Language Need to learn Local Language Duration of Course(Years)
1 Philippines English No, as English is local language 5 or 5.5
2 Russia Russian Yes 6
3 Ukraine Ukrainian Yes 6
3 China Mandarin Yes 5
3 Bangladesh Bengali No, Hindi is spoken too. 5
3 Kyrgyzstan Russian Yes 5 or 6

Eligibility Criteria

Regardless to say, for taking admission to study MBBS from outside of India, you need to meet with some eligibility criteria. Every country has its own eligibility criteria and every college within a country might have its own eligibility criteria like in the case of China. The minimum requirement reads as follow for studying MBBS in abroad- ‘The Indian student must have attained the age of 17 years and has passed 10+2 Level from any recognized Council/Board of India or abroad. He/She must have studied Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as elective subjects and obtained minimum 50% in aggregate of PCB combined. Also, they must have studied and passed English as a compulsory subject.’ Take a look at the minimum aggregate percentage one requires in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology for studying MBBS in abroad for individual countries.

# Country Class 12 Aggregate Percentage in Physics, Chemistry and Biology Other Special Criteria
1 MBBS in Philippines General Category-50%
SC/ST/OBC- 40%
2 MBBS in Russia General Category-50%
SC/ST/OBC- 40%
3 MBBS in Ukraine General Category-50%
SC/ST/OBC- 40%
3 MBBS in China Every College has its own criteria
Please contact GMF.
3 MBBS in Kyrgyzstan General Category-50%
SC/ST/OBC- 40%